I am a licensed minister and musicianary.  I have a unique ministry that reaches others with the message of the gospel in a new and effective way. My mission to help us build stronger relationships started with my music. As an inspirational speaker, author and musicianary, I offer what few others do - combining the elements of the spoken and written word with the powerful impact music can have by driving my point home with a song. Music opens the door to the soul and helps move people in a way words alone often cannot.

I create a way for you to build relationships...
My mission is to help us improve our relationships. Building relationships strengthens bonds - in our marriage, in our family, in our work and in our Church.  My ministry is an effective tool to help you build those relationships in your community.

I connect people with Christ and with His people...
How can this help your congregation? My unique programs connect with my audiences right where they are - whether through a time of inspirational words or as a musicianary in a time of sharing my testimony through my music.
  • In a service of music, I weave together songs and stories from my testimony into a sermon that will impact your congregation or group in a new way.  My unassuming style tears down barriers and opens the door for your congregation to find hope and see God’s grace. 
  • In a marriage retreat, I can help you remember how you felt that first time you saw your spouse and help you rekindle that first love that keeps your relationship fresh and strong.
  • In a parenting seminar, I use my experiences as a father of two girls to inspire you to become the parent God intended you to be.
  • In an outreach concert, I will work with you to reach out to your community and those who would not normally attend a function at Church.

I can partner with you to help build your congregation and reach your community with the message of Christ.

Reach people with...

My music is family friendly....music for everyday people living everyday life.


What others have said...

"We did so enjoy your ministry among us here. Your ministry in song and in sharing touched the lives of our congregation, and opened hearts and spirits to God and His Word. It was truly a wonderful and memorable time of worship."
Mark Johnson, Director of Worship and Fine Arts, First Christian Church Tyler

"Thank you for your visit with us today! Your music has inspired us all. May God bless you on your continued journey in faith and ministry. With love and appreciation -"
Pastors David & Ginger Jarmin, First Christian Church Las Vegas

"Once again your ministry continues to touch people and grow like the tree planted by 'streams of living water'. You and Teri always bring blessings."
Todd Boddy, Associate Pastor, Central Christian Church Dallas

" Some music looks straight up at the majesty of God. Some music invites Christ to sit down next to us, to live where we live. This is John Tracy - inviting the spirit of Christ to share a moment of our lives with us."
Christian Author Dwight Clough

"John Tracy - His new CD is positive, inspiring, uplifting and speaks to your spirit with his soothing singing voice. John is a perceptive songwriter with strong courageous lyrics of hope and great musicianship."
Joseph W. Neely Reynolds
Fort Worth NSAI Regional Workshop Coordinator
Producer & Host "THE SONG IN ALL OF US"

"... a refreshing compilation of lyrics that gravitate toward faith, family and friends ... a collection of charming songs with inspirational messages."
Hal Brown
Publisher - Fort Worth, Texas Magazine

"I love this guy's voice.....it is so friendly and calm. The song,'Slow Down' has a great beginning and I love the words....great song. There is something so calming about John's voice......so warm, as if he was your best friend. It's almost spiritual.........no....it is spiritual because you will feel inspired and filled with love when you listen to this. Well done John."

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My music features lyrics with life changing application.

John Tracy's rendition of "Amazing Grace" as performed on "Babbie's House"

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Discussing his book "Of Life, Love and Family"

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