JT Live John Tracy's mission is to bring hope and encouragement to others through
his music. His desire is to be a positive impact on the lives of his listeners and
to connect with them. His goal is to not only move your feet with his lush
melodies and expert musicianship, but to move your spirit with his inspiring
lyrics and undeniable passion.

JT Live John Tracy’s music is for real people living real life. It is born of a desire to
be transparent and share his experiences in life through his lyrics. Spending
hours since the age of 16 perfecting his skill on the acoustic guitar, and
pouring his expertise as a lyricist into each word, this Charlottesville,
Virginia-based singer-songwriter has crafted songs that have a resounding

“I want to leave people with something when they hear my music - whether I am able to inspire them, to connect with something in their lives or to move them,” says John of his artistry.

Through his introspective and resonating lyrics, he encourages us to focus on the people and relationships that are most important to us. His music implores us to cherish those relationships, building a positive and lasting legacy.

He is grateful to have received recognition for his songwriting from various national and international
organizations and to have four CDs to his credit. He defines the true measure of his success by the
people he has affected with his life’s mission.

“There’s more at stake from the ripples we make in this sea of humanity than simply passing through,” says John, and he wants to urge us through his music to make our ripples count.

‘John’s songs are beautiful, filled with comforting and introspective lyrics along with wisdom and a strong heart-felt voice. He carries the quality and consistency of all of the greats throughout his compositions, making his wonderful tunes really shine with feeling and polished guitar craftsmanship.’
Mark Micklich, Songsalive!

John Tracy came to my attention last year.  John is an exceptional musician.  His original pieces are hallmarked by lyrics that move the audience. The complexity of his compositions and his skill in playing them create a sound that is marvelous to hear.  As a singer, he projects a warmth and energy on stage that is infectious.  When all of this is combined in one performer, you have an exceptional musical event....
Clair F. Myers, Ph.D., Executive Director, Wayne Theatre Alliance

John Tracy delivered his handcrafted songs at our recent food festival where his audience experienced a truly talented local musician.  His genuine personality was repeatedly reflected in the depth and sincerity of his songs.  His genius of delivering lyrical melodies of all things that we experience as humans may only have been surpassed by his mastery of the guitar.  John brings a unique and insightful repertoire to the stage that you’d expect to find in much larger venues......
Jeff Curtis, Executive Director, The Orange Downtown Alliance




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